The local rules for disinfection will be practically the same for 2024 as for the previous  years.

The local management of River Orkla adhere to the precautionary principle when it comes to disinfection. Disinfection is not only to avoid spreading of the “gyro” parasite, but also to prevent spreading other diseases. It is often too late and very costly to respond if a disease is already here. The rules for disinfection to fish in Orkla is therefore strict, in line with those for the other rivers in the Trondheim Region.

All fishing tackle, nets, waders, wading boots, boats and its like that have been used in other rivers and watersheds must be disinfected. The same is necessary for all fishing tackle, nets, waders, wading boots, boats and its like that have been brought to Norway from abroad. All must be cleaned and disinfected before any fishing in River Orkla is allowed. A certificate proving that disinfection is conducted according to rules must be available at all times and must be provided before any license can be bought or a rent of fishing can be approved. The certificate for disinfection must be brought along and available for potential control at the river. Only new tackle that is placed in its original packaging or where the owner can prove that tackle is unused with a receipt, gives an exception to the need for disinfection for tackle brought to Norway from abroad.

Those selling licenses and renting out fishing will demand to see a disinfection certificate when you buy a license or arrive to the beat you will fish. Inspectors along the river will demand that you at all times can prove that your tackle is disinfected by bringing a valid certificate.

You need to bay «Orklakortet 2024 inkl. desinfiseringsavgift» before you disinfect.

Disinfection stations in 2024 are located at the following addresses: 

Fannrem – Best station

Vormstad – Erik Skjerpen +47 977 83 501

Storås – Leif Arne Ebbesen +47 941 83 837

Voll – Joker Rennebu +47 72 42 65 50

Berkåk – Bygdasenteret +47 72 42 77 05